1. What will my virtual audience see?
    Our cameras can be positioned to let your virtual audience feel like they are part of the audience. We position our main camera at the rear next to the streaming station, the second camera can be positioned nearer the stage. A third camera is a great option for close ups of the performer or a view of the audience.

  2. What will my virtual audience hear?
    We take a line level audio feed from the performers or the venue PA, this can be adjusted to correct volume levels for the social media platform. We also provide extra microphones to pick up the audience, atmosphere and ambiance.

  3. Are we able to have graphics for opening titles and end credits?
    We include 2 graphics cards, but you can have up to 20 including a small logo tag. We can produce these for you, for an small extra fee. 

  4. Is the concert recorded as a backup?
    Yes, we always record the stream to a hard drive during the performance, in case of any technical issues. This will be available to you as an unedited downloadable link MP4 file.

  5. Can we sell tickets for the Live Stream?
    Yes, we can provide or help you set up a ticketed option. There are several platforms that carry out this option, often the providers take a small fee or cut for the service, so you need to be aware of this when setting your ticket price. Again we can set this up for you, for an extra fee. But it is a great way to generate extra revenue.

  6. Will my Live Stream be in HD?
    We aim to always live stream in Full 1080 HD quality, but sometimes the available bandwidth of the 4G or broadband signal means we have to drop down to 720 to ensure there aren't any drops in the stream. We always record a backup of the stream at 1080 HD on a hard drive, which can be uploaded after the event.

  7. Do you Live Stream at 4k?
    We currently don't stream at 4k, the current top quality standard for live streaming is 1080, which is more than suitable for most devices where Live streams are viewed such as smart phones or tablets. The data required for a 4k streams are very high and until the 5G network has the majority of UK coverage, 1080 will remain the standard. Our cameras are capable of filming and recording 4K.